Jumat, 01 Agustus 2014

we are living in kpop era?

hi.. good night minna-san

whoaa finally ~ this blog owner came out after a long long time \o/ yeah it was me ..

mianhaeyo bloggie :***

i'm too busy with so much activity of fangirling JYJ ~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

nowadays, we are living in kpop era hmm, korean wave?
do you agree with me?
anyway, for me kdrama really has big impact
let me say, if you love to watched kdrama you will search name of the cast
who is he and who is she ..
and whoaaa you will get some suprise about the cast

now, there are many an idol-turned-into-actor ..
believe me ~ because i am one of those who fall in love with JYJ only by watching kdrama of its member

have you ever seen "I Miss You" kdrama?

i really adore Yoon Eun Hye for a long time, Coffee Prince?? ..
after wraped up her drama "Lie To Me", i continue to watch her next drama and i found I.M.U

i had no idea about the male lead cast ~ who is he?
ahhh former members of TVXQ .. so he is a singer, named Park Yoo Chun
i ever heard about TVXQ as before but do not interested at all..
confusing between TVXQ and DBSK.. errr and who is DongBangShinki too??

but now i know both TVXQ and DBSK are same.. kkkk poor me >.<
xiah junsu - micky yoochun - hero jaejoong - max changmin - uknow yunho
and wowww ~ at first i don't put any effort for him but when i enjoyed watched episode by episode in IMU drama, i found his charisma !! PYC charisma :D

and yeahh he is very good looking, those eyelashes and his lips very sexy and cute

>> oohh Han Jung Woo longing for his first love Lee Seo Yeon <<

i'm started searching about PYC ~ ahh he has new group named JYJ ..
i'm still not interested at all (again) .. hello wake up raraa ~
ahh PYC is one of the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal before.. i only know Joong Ki ~~~ eyyy

and i found this video ~ Chajatta .. the first video clip of JYJ that i watched ..

i'm curious about the two other members .. who's that?
so JYJ is abbreviation for JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu

wow!! they are already did 10 years career since their debut on 2003
and finally after finished watched IMU drama ..
i was declare being of JYJ new fans .. yayyyy!! clap clap clap ~~

i remember it was on November 2013 ..

i'm so happy that JaeJoong and JunSu each have a twitter account too ^^ officially follow their twitter.. sadly YooChun has shut down his twitter.. ohh waeyo? >.<

here i am ..
JYJ new fans from NOV 2013 for the next unlimited time yeahhh... #JYJFOREVER


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