Minggu, 04 Januari 2015

happy 2015


Happy New Year \(^0^)/

Resolution ~ Obsession ~ Mission :


maybe it's been a while ..

i remember when one of my friends keep getting busy to introduce his friends for me, teasing me .. while me didn't put an interest at all hahaha ~ am i that too picky?

idk but yes i am completely moving on ~

Dear my future husband whoever and whenever you are now ...
I am really miss you ~ I wanna meet you .. should we? 

Is it too far for us to get cross on the center earth? the wind is getting colder here :|

Spending all night together, grabbing snacks, accompanying me catch up kdramas until i fell asleep .. then you continue watching soccer match ~ it's called happy life XD


Yay.. congratulations it's been more than 365 days since i found three amazing man, JYJ ~

Hi dear #KimJunSu
#KimJaeJoong #ParkYooChun i heart you #JYJisLikeVitamin 

Don't you think i'm obsessed with them? hahaha indeed ~ 

Their laugh, their heaven voice, their silly joke is really addicted for me .. 

Every second, checking my timeline wishing good news from JYJ ^^ it’s a good things that JJ has twitter @bornfreeonekiss and IG account @bornfreeonekiss2 and yess our angel XIA has @1215thexiahtic ~ unfortunately @6002themicky has shut down his twitter T_T

Enlistment issue is kinda hard both for us ~ anything can change .. but for me i won't change in the near future i will always support you guys dear JaeChunSu :*** 

2-3 years later is a such short-long time .. you will come to Indonesia right? Doing Asia Tour Concert .. we'll meet there someday ..


I wish i have more than 24 hours in a day. Spending about 12hours in office (including about a couple hours from & back to home) and remember i have 6's office days and sureeee I wish I could have only 5’s office days like the others. Well, with this situation I need to maximize time for hangout with friends, do fangirling, have a quality time with family, do religious time, dating (?) Uhmm shopping XD

Searching for a new job? kkkk .. I had no idea ~ I do look forward for a better future XD let’s open up again for my virtual job account .. of course my ideal occupation is becoming "PNS" let's try again this year ..

I hope everything will go smoothly as long as well ~


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